Miniature royal tableware goes up for auction

Miniature tableware fit for a Queen goes up for auction

Location: London, England

The rare dining set was designed for Queen Mary's doll's house

(SOUNDBITE) (English) JOHNNY SANDELSON, CHAIRMAN OF THOMAS GOODE & Co SAYING: "In the early 1920s, almost one hundred years ago, a grateful nation wanted to give a gift to the Queen of a doll's house, and they went to Lutyens, a famous architect at the time, and they commissioned this doll's house and of course they went to all the great purveyors of items to fill the house full of objects. So tables, chairs, they had hot and cold running water and they came to us for all the tableware. We've got one of the only original replica sets of all the china from that doll's house and it's marked 'M.R.' which is Mary Regina and of course the other plates are marked 'K' for kitchen and 'N' for nursery. So all the way through the house we prepared and produced the goods for the doll's house which now sits in Windsor Castle."

The vintage collection is expected to fetch

between £20,000 and £30,000