This Mini Skull Waffle Maker Will Create a Frightening Breakfast for Halloween

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Photo credit: Dash
Photo credit: Dash

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As spooky season approaches, we incorporate as many Halloween elements into our day as possible. From decorations to movies to snacks, there’s no limit to how creepy you can make it. And yes, now that includes your breakfast.

The beloved Dash mini waffle maker comes in a range of colors, and even a pumpkin-shaped version to use throughout fall. Now the brand has introduced a mini skull-shaped waffle maker that you’ll never have to put away, because that’s how much you’ll want to use it.

Unlike your typical waffle maker, this one has a mold to look like a skull, complete with the eyes, nose, and jagged mouth. It has dual nonstick surfaces to slide your creation out with ease. There’s no way you can’t make a whole stack of these on Halloween morning!

The mini skull waffle maker, along with all the other designs, are available on Amazon for $17.99. The outside of the small appliance is black and covered in white skulls and crossbones, so it doubles as cool decor for the season. In addition to the waffles, you can get creative and make other spooky bites, like paninis or hash browns, as suggested by Dash.

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