Mini PC maker GPD unveils the GPD Duo, a dual-screened folding laptop

 Multiple versions of the GPD Duo in various forms, folded, normal laptop, tablet format, dual screen.
Multiple versions of the GPD Duo in various forms, folded, normal laptop, tablet format, dual screen.

For the last few years, the Chinese computer company GPD has been creating high-end mini-mobile PCs and handheld gaming devices. But it appears they are finally turning their attention to a full-sized laptop, albeit with a fun little twist.

As spotted by The Verge, GPD just released images of an upcoming foldable laptop called the GPD Duo. It features two 13.3-inch OLED displays.

Now, foldable laptops are not new. We recently reviewed and loved the Asus Zenbook Duo and consider it one of the best laptops on the market, even with its poor battery life and awkward integration of Windows 11. And Lenovo's strange hybrid laptop and tablet, the Yoga has existed since 2012, with the Yoga 7i debuting late last year. It's fine if a bit unwieldy.

Like the Zenbook Duo, the GPD Duo stacks the second display on top of the main screen. Unlike the Zenbook, which has a removable keyboard, the GPD device appears to be all-in-one, with the second display folding behind the main one when not in use.

The second display can be folded so that the Duo can be used as a tablet, and it does come with a stylus. Fully extended, the laptop measures 18 inches. For those who prefer the Microsoft Surface pen, it looks like the Duo has the Microsoft Pen Protocol so that the Surface pen can be used.

GPD hasn't provided full specs for the device, but we can see several ports in the images. It appears to have three standard USB ports, 2 USB-C ports, an SD card reader, an HDMI, and an ethernet port. Some of that is just speculation, but that's what it looks like.

Beyond that, GPD's image claims 35W TDP and that it will be an AI PC. It's hard to tell if the keyboard features Microsoft's Copilot button to indicate if it is a Copilot+ PC.

GPD devices tend to be expensive. The Steam Deck/Neo Geo-esque Win 4 starts at $985, compared to $589 for Valve's best handheld device. The GPD Win Mini ranges from $720 to $1,099, depending on specs.

We assume that GPD Duo will be highly-priced as well. Hopefully, we'll find out more during Computex next week.

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