Mind-bending optical illusion appears to show wind turbines spinning underwater in UK

Wind turbines appear to be partially 'underwater' but still spinning in this mind-bending optical illusion filmed off Sheerness, Kent, UK yesterday (November 2). The explanation for this very strange sighting is due to the optical illusion caused by the curvature of the Earth over long distances. The wind turbines are believed to be part of the Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm - which is nearly 30 miles away from Sheerness - but because the turbines are so tall, their upper parts are still visible to the viewer. Most house-sized or smaller objects disappear over the other side of the horizon after around 5-10 miles for someone standing at sea level. Footage also shows at 1:10 a distant ship that appears to be partially submerged on the horizon due to the same effect.

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