Millionairess accused of trying to seduce dermatologist was seeking redress for botched treatment, court hears

Phoebe Southworth
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Patricia Bailey - Central News
Patricia Bailey - Central News

An elderly millionairess accused of trying to "seduce" a celebrity dermatologist in a campaign of harassment was trying to seek redress for botched treatment, a court has heard.

Patricia Bailey, 70, allegedly bombarded Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal with phone calls and texts between October 25 and December 13 last year.

The property developer is accused of turning up at the cosmetics expert's Harley Street clinic without warning and following him home, which Dr Hamida-Pisal claims was an attempt to seduce him.

Bailey argues that Dr Hamida-Pisal was not qualified to carry out the unspecified treatment he gave her and invented the allegation of harassment to conceal his own wrongdoing.

Her lawyer indicated that she would claim the doctor had botched a cosmetic procedure and she had returned to the clinic to have the situation remedied.

Bailey, of Adlam Road, Liverpool, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court yesterday (Aug 7) wearing a white silk scarf, black skirt suit and brown wedge heels.

The businesswoman spoke only to confirm her name and deny the charge of harassment without violence.

Chairman of the bench, Paul Brooks, released her on conditional bail. She must not visit the Harley Street clinic or contact Dr Hamida-Pisal. Her trial will begin at Hendon Magistrates' Court on November 2.

Dr Hamida-Pisal founded his London clinic PHP Aesthetic and serves as president of the UK's Society of Mesotherapy - News Scan
Dr Hamida-Pisal founded his London clinic PHP Aesthetic and serves as president of the UK's Society of Mesotherapy - News Scan

Dr Hamida-Pisal, from France, founded his London clinic PHP Aesthetic and serves as president of the UK's Society of Mesotherapy.

He is described on his website as a "world expert in medical aesthetics" with more than 15 years experience, as well as a "pioneer" of an anti-ageing treatment known as "The French Touch".

The website states: "The clinique is surely the most legendary place, famed for its stunning ambiance, cosmopolitan clientele, and otherworldly glamour. In the exceptional and luxuriously space, a private haven of well-being, you can experience sumptuous, state-of-the-art treatments representing the ultimate alliance of science and nature, the art of The French Touch and expert coaching techniques."

Dr Hamida-Pisal's "daily life has changed" following Bailey's alleged behaviour and he is "very concerned" that she allegedly "followed him to his home address turned up at his work place unannounced", the court heard.

As well as "turning up unannounced" at the clinic, she also "called him non-stop", sent multiple text messages to him, and contacted his colleagues, it is alleged.

Robert Katz, Bailey's lawyer, told the court that Bailey argues that her conduct did not amount to harassment and some allegations against her are untrue.

Outlining her defence, he said: "He wasn't qualified and in fact botched a treatment on her and she was trying to find some redress for that.

"The doctor has made false allegations that she was trying to seduce him and that he's made this up to cover up what is in effect his malpractice and malfeasance."

Bailey previously attended court in 2010 for pretending to cast curses and threatening "damnation" upon her neighbours in a luxury apartment block in Fitzrovia, central London.

As she was handed an indefinite nationwide anti-social behaviour order, a magistrate told her that he wished he could "ban her from the entire planet".

Bailey, who describes herself as an astrology guide and property speculator, denied a series of allegations made by residents against her at the time and appealed against the ruling, but it remained in place.