Millennials Remember 'Saddest Moment in Nickelodeon History' — and Why Kim Cattrall Touchingly Responds

The ‘Sex and the City’ star responded to fans learning she voiced an iconic character’s mother in a bittersweet episode of 'Rugrats'

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Klasky-Csupo/courtesy Everett Collection; Ian West/PA Images via Getty

'Rugrats' character Chuckie; Kim Catrall

Get ready to feel all the feels.

Over the weekend, one X user marked Mother’s Day by posting a poignant clip from a special episode of Nickelodeon’s Rugrats, featuring none other than Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall.

“This is not only the saddest Rugrats moment, but also the saddest moment in Nickelodeon history,” user @MarioEmmet wrote of the scene from the show’s 1997 Mother’s Day special.

The beloved animated series, which aired on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 2004, followed the adventures of a group of babies. Notably, 2-year-old Chuckie (voiced in the episode and much of the series by Christine Cavanaugh) was the only member of the adorable crew being raised by a single parent.

In 2016, series creator Paul Germain explained that Nickelodeon refused to allow him to address Chuckie's mom's absence in Rugrats' first few seasons. “We developed the baby crew, and we developed Chuckie, and then we thought, ‘This kid magically appears at the house, but where are his parents?’ So we thought, let’s do Chuckie’s dad — but we decided not to do a mom. We just didn’t want an extra character there. But why? Why would there not be a mom? By the second or third season, we were saying, ‘What actually happened to Chuckie’s mom?’ ” Germain told Entertainment Weekly.

Nickelodeon/Everett Collection Rugrats
Nickelodeon/Everett Collection Rugrats

According to Germain, the network initially didn't want to delve into death or divorce, the only two plausible reasons why Chuckie's mom wasn't around, in a kids' show. "So if we can’t say that she’s divorced, and we can’t say that she’s dead, we can’t talk about her," he explained. "If you watch the first 65 half-hours of Rugrats, they never mention Chuckie’s mom — or if they do, it’s a tease. We mention that she exists but we don’t tell you what happened to her."

The show didn’t address the absence of Chuckie’s mom until the second episode of its fourth season, after Germain left the series.

In the clip from "Mother's Day" shared on X, Chuckie’s father Chaz finally sits down with his son to share memories of his late wife, Melinda (voiced by Cattrall in a guest role), who died prior to the beginning to the series. He recalls her love of gardening and reads a poem she wrote for Chuckie while she was in the hospital.

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Other fans on X were beside themselves remembering the tear-jerking moment. Several noted a particularly moving exchange: When Didi, another mom on the show, suggests it’s time Chaz finally shares his memories of Melinda with Chuckie, he responds that he’s “just afraid he’ll miss her.”

“Then you can miss her together,” Didi replies.

“This scene really hit harder as an adult,” one X user wrote. “Chaz’s struggle is understandable but he knew he would have to face this topic with his son, and he did a great job doing so.”

“I always love that last line from didi [sic],” another user wrote, “Implying she knew Chaz was referring more to himself then he was Chuckie.”

“Two minute clip from a 30-year-old cartoon and I'm a freaking wreck,” yet another user responded.

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After another user reposted the clip pointing out Cattrall’s performance, the star responded to the outpouring of affection for the episode.

“Such a great pleasure voicing Chucky’s [sic] Mum…” Cattrall wrote.

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Many fans were shocked and moved to learn that the Mannequin star had voiced the role way back in 1997.

“So Kim has been part of my childhood too?! SHOOK,” one user commented.

“And what a beautiful voice, sweet and soft, and it's a pleasure to hear it too,” a Cattrall fan account wrote.

As another user noted, the resurfaced clip “unlocked a sweet memory from childhood” for so many.

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