Military expert: How Russian complacency helped Ukraine hit Kursk convoy — video

Ukrainian mortar fire
Ukrainian mortar fire

Ukraine's military expert Anton Mikhnenko provided insights into the effective operation of the Ukrainian Forces in Russia's Kursk Oblast, striking a truck convoy with Russian troops, in a comment to NV Radio on June 4.

Russia's misjudgments played into Ukraine's favor, Mikhnenko said.

"It's the traditional Russian gamble approach, you know, complacency," he said.

"Their assumption is often that Ukrainians won't strike, or can't. They tend to neglect crucial tactics to ensure the safety of convoy movements and other equipment."

Mikhnenko also speculated on Russia's likely responses, particularly given recent permissions to Ukraine to strike Russian territory with Western weapons.

"We must anticipate Russia's reactions," he said.

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"First they get hit on the head, then they think what to do. Undoubtedly, they'll prioritize securing military movements through various air defense systems. Another thing: they will try to pull back part of the troops and equipment deeper into Russian territory, away from the places where we can strike them."

Ukraine should now capitalize on this situation by targeting Russia's concentrations in the distant areas of Kursk Oblast, Mikhnenko said.

"It allows our current defense forces in Kharkiv Oblast to both defend against and counterattack the invading forces, pushing them out of the areas they've encroached upon in Kharkiv Oblast," he said.

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"Also, this will create a more solid foundation for Russia to understand that it's better for them not to meddle in this sector, because they can receive quite powerful blows in return."

The drone strike on the Russian convoy, conducted three kilometers from the Sumy Oblast border, was executed by fighters from the 53rd Mechanized Brigade and the 103rd Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The convoy, transporting Russian troops, was annihilated east of Sverdlikovo in Russia's Kursk Oblast.

The video footage of the strike was published by the DeepState monitoring platform on June 3.

Forbes reported on June 2 that shortly after the White House authorized Ukraine to conduct limited strikes with American weapons on Russian territory, Ukrainian forces launched an attack with HIMARS MLRS on the Russian city of Belgorod.

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