Military chief confirms sunken submarine crew dead

Indonesia’s military chief on Sunday (April 25) confirmed that all crew on board the sunken submarine KRI Nanggala-402 have died.

Hadi Tjahjanto told a news conference that "based on the evidence that has been found,” the submarine has sunk and none of the 53 crew members on board survived.

Navy chief of staff Yudo Margono added that the 44-year-old submarine was broken into three parts: the hull, the stern, and the main parts

and that cracks were found on the main part of the vessel.

He also ruled out human error as the cause of the accident.

President Joko Widodo earlier confirmed the discovery in the Bali Sea and sent the families of the victims his condolences.

Rescuers also found objects, including a life vest, that they believe belong to those aboard the vessel, which lost contact on Wednesday (April 21) as it prepared to conduct a torpedo drill.