Miley shared her full hair evolution and I feel like I'm in year six again

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Photo credit: Mike Coppola - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Coppola - Getty Images

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You could say that 2020 has been the year of many things. It's the Chinese year of the Ox, for a start. It's the year of Mars Rover was supposed to land on Mars.

It's also become the year we stayed in our homes watching unprecedented amounts of Selling Sunset, dyeing our hair pink and being given thoughtful face masks for our birthday (馃檭 ).

But to me, it's the year of the mullet.

Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa have both sported the look, along with hoards of fans and hair experimentalists.

But to me, nobody exemplifies how a mullet can take you to next-level cool like Miley Cyrus. She's recently opened up about how her own chop has important meaning to her - oh and did we mention it was trimmed by her bad-ass mum on lockdown?

It's also been upgraded since the first iteration a few times now, to the point where it's a source of daily hair envy for me.

But, as we all know, it hasn't always been this way for her. Miley's hair has done the *most* through the years since her Hannah Montana days.

Yesterday, as a teaser for the new (incredible) self-directed music video for Midnight Sky, Miley shared a countdown to her IG grid. And when we say countdown, we mean countdown.

Remember that sliiiiightly out-of-time "one, two, thee, four...shah, shah" at the start of 7 things I hate about you? She kicks the trailer off with that, complete with the gorgeous bouncy brown waves from 2008.

Then comes the a super nostalgic wave of clips set to a heartbeat sound, with fierce camera-glances throughout her career, from the sweet-as-apple-pie Party in the USA days right through Can't Be Tamed (remember that quiff and blackbird feathers combo?) and her hairnet/fascinator situation in Who Owns My Heart.

There are of course honourable nods to her blonde makeover in the We Can't Stop self-directed video, and her iconic platinum / pillarbox lips look in Wrecking Ball.

And finally, we see her sporting bohemian, beachy Malibu waves, pigtails, and the shag-and-bangs look which eventually morphed into the mullet we know and love today.

What! A! Journey!

I literally can't decide which cut and colour is my favourite (though, of course the mullet has a special place in my heart), which just goes to show how many amazing looks Miles can pull off.

It does beg the question though...what's next? How can she top the mullet?

Stay tuned - news as we get it.

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