Miley Cyrus Has Revived Her Famous "Wrecking Ball" Hair With a New Super-Short Mohawk

Kelsey Stiegman
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From Seventeen

We all remember where we were the day that Miley Cyrus finally shed her Hannah Montana persona, once and for all. Gone were those glossy Disney Channel extensions and in their place, a bleach blonde pixie cut that started a whole new era of Miley (the best one, imo).

Seven years later, her hair transformation has come full circle. After successfully growing out that pixie cut, Miley chopped it into a high-fashion mullet (yes, that's a thing), then to a Tiger King-esq mullet, then to a pixie mullet. Now, she's gone back to her 2013 roots, with a buzz cut mohawk that's giving off big Bangerz energy.

Earlier this week, the pop star revealed the latest in a series of DIY quarantine cuts: a grungy '80s-style mohawk that, combined with her massive collection of tattoos, makes her look like a punk rock icon. "Matching mohawks," she captioned the pic, showing off a similar buzzed look on her boyfriend Cody Simpson.

The last time Miley chopped her locks, fans had a LOT of opinions about it and this edgy hairstyle will undoubtedly bring about the same level of passion. But I love this look for the same reason I loved it in '13 – because she's just being (authentically) Miley.

Alexa, play "Wrecking Ball" and make it LOUD.

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