Mile-long light show lights up LA arboretum

L.A. residents get treated to a mile-long light show

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

The 'Lightscape' show has been a hit in London's Kew Gardens for nearly a decade

Now, it's coming to Los Angeles for the first time

(SOUNDBITE) (English) JONNY MARKS, EVENT ORGANIZER AND CHIEF DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR OF RGL (SONY MUSIC SUBSIDIARY), SAYING:"So we are a one mile walk around these magnificent gardens in the L.A. Arboretum. We bring in light installations from artists literally from around the world. So this piece in particular is from Australia. It's got over 100,000 LED lights, and this is the point where people get down on their knees and propose. This is a romantic moment here. So last year in Chicago, we had well over 50 proposals in it. But as you walk around the gardens, you see pieces from Europe, obviously from the UK, this is from Australia and locally from LA."

The immersive holiday-themed experience includes:

orbs lit with gas torches to the theme of Silent Night

a light projected version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame

singing trees

and the Cathedral of Light tunnel

(SOUNDBITE) (English) JONNY MARKS, EVENT ORGANIZER AND CHIEF DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR OF RGL (SONY MUSIC SUBSIDIARY), SAYING: "Yeah, I think the public literally around the world have really recognized the holiday time of the year. It's great to just get out, be entertained, and not necessarily have an experience where you have to spend money every two minutes. It's about seeing things you don't normally see, spending time with your family. Did you hear that "Wow" in the background? There we go. We're doing our job. That's what we're aiming for: smiley faces and all around the world, that's what people want to do: get out and obviously enjoy themselves, particularly after what's happened over the last couple of years."

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