Mila Kunis Says She’s Not in Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot — But She Knows Who Is

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Mila Kunis denied rumors that she’ll be starring in Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot, but she did let slip that she knows who will be starring in the project.

During her appearance on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Cordon” on Thursday, Kunis said flat-out she will not be appearing in “Fantastic Four,” and that the rumors stemmed from a lunch she had with director Matt Shakman.

“We went out to a deli and had lunch together,” Kunis said of her and Shakman’s meeting, “and the next day I was somehow in Fantastic Four.”

Kunis, who would presumably play Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, in the reboot (though some rumors are claiming she was also in talks to play a female version of The Thing), said the meeting was just a lunch, and that she will not be playing any of the four titular roles. However, she says she knows who will be.

“I am not in Fantastic Four,” she said, “but I know who is.”

Go on…

“But I don’t want to get in trouble with The Mouse, so none of you will find out,” she laughed, much to the studio audience’s disappointment.

“The Mouse” she is referring to is the Disney executives/legal teams/overlords that be. “Fantastic Four” is a revamp of the property for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox that brought the “Fantastic Four” property under Marvel Studios’ purview.

Shakman was tapped to direct the film, set to be released Valentine’s Day 2025, shortly after “Spider-Man” director Jon Watts exited the project last year.

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The other three actors who will portray Marvel’s First Family also remain mysteries. While John Krasinski played Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, in 2022’s “Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” his version of the character was from the 838 strand of the MCU’s multiverse, not the 616 strand in which all of the MCU films have taken place so far. This doesn’t mean Krasinski couldn’t play the 616 version of the character as well, or that his real-life wife Emily Blunt couldn’t play Sue Storm (she too has denied the rumors of her casting), although Krasinski previously told TheWrap the cameo was a one-off.

With the film set to release in less than two years, even Marvel’s tightly sealed lips won’t be able to keep the secret for much longer. Expect casting announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this July, if not sooner.

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