Miki Nishino surprised fans with marriage to older comedian

24 Nov – Former AKB48 member Miki Nishino surprised many by announcing that she has tied the knot with comedian Keiichi Yamamoto.

The singer shared the news on social media on 22 November with a photo of her and Keiichi in their wedding attire.

She wrote, "Thank you very much to everyone who supports us and everyone involved. This is a sudden announcement, but Miki Nishino has married Keiichi Yamamoto of Gokuraku Tonbo.

"Mr. Yamamoto is a very nice person who accepts my bad points as his favourite parts. He was always smiling when we were together, and before I knew it, he became my favourite person too."

Miki stated that she is aware of their 32-year age gap, but that she doesn't feel like it was a big deal as Keiichi made her very comfortable.

"I want Mr. Yamamoto to stay healthy all the time, so I hope that we can make healthy meals together, go for walks together, and be on good terms with each other forever. I would be happy if you could watch over me warmly," she added.

The news surprised many not just because of the age gap, but due to the fact that Keiichi was once suspected of raping a minor, though he was eventually not arrested.

He did, however, went on a long hiatus before returning to showbiz in 2016.

Miki Nishino is only 23 while Keiichi Yamamoto is 54
Miki Nishino is only 23 while Keiichi Yamamoto is 54

(Photo Source: Miki Nishino IG)