Mike Tyson ‘doing great’ after mid-air health scare ahead of Jake Paul fight on Netflix

Mike Tyson ‘doing great’ after mid-air health scare ahead of Jake Paul fight on Netflix

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is “doing great” after suffering a health issue on a flight to Los Angeles this weekend, according to representatives.

Tyson experienced an ucler-related issue just before his flight from Miami to Los Angeles touched down on Sunday.

An eyewitness told inTouch that the medical issue prompted an announcement onboard seeking a doctor, and that parademics met the plane on arrival in California.

“Mike had some kind of medical emergency on the plane and paramedics boarded,” the eyewitness said. “Before the paramedics arrived the flight issued an announcement asking for a doctor — the message even came on everyone’s screens.“

“He was in first class, but we were an exit row,” the eyewitness added. “They asked us to stay on the plane and landed so paramedics could enter. [The stewardess] said something like, ‘He’s a really important passenger so we wanna make sure he’s OK.’ I knew it was him, but I just mouthed the words ‘Mike Tyson’ and she nodded her head yes.”

Representatives for the former world heavyweight champion said that he had suffered a health issue.

“He is appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him” and is now “doing great,” a representative told the New York Post.

Tyson, 57, is set to fight YouTube influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul, 27, in Texas on 20 July, the first boxing match ever carried live on Netflix.

Ahead of the fight, the boxers both bragged that would defeat the other in a press conference earlier this month.

“I was doing this years ago, so this is nothing new to me,” Tyson said of Paul, who only began boxing professionally four years ago. “This is new to this young boy over here.”

Tyson acknowledged, however, that his body is feeling the strain of training for his first-sanctioned fight since retiring in 2005.

“I’m doing great, but my body is s*** right now,” Tyson said at the press conference. “I’m sore, I’m really sore.”

Paul said that he respects Tyson but will defeat him in the fight at AT&T stadium, the 80,000-seat venue that’s home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

“Age doesn’t matter. He’s a killer, he’s a warrior. He’s been doing this his whole life, so it’s second nature to him. I’ve only been doing this for four years and at a super high level,” Paul said.

He added: “On 20 July, I’m going to show the world that I can outbox Mike Tyson and prove everyone wrong, and show that I’m going to be the one doing the killing.”