Mike Tindall makes wedding date blunder in interview with wife Zara

Mike Tindall made his wife Zara burst out laughing when he mixed up their wedding date during an interview.

The former England rugby player confidently said that Zara, who is the daughter of the Princess Royal, had “married a legend” in 2012.

However, the couple were actually wed in 2011, she reminded him after a light-hearted scolding.

The blunder emerged in the first episode of Mike’s new YouTube series, Mike Drop, produced in partnership with Magic Millions, a thoroughbred horse sales company in Australia.

The couple, who started off the video calling one another “my love”, spoke about Zara’s love for horseriding and her professional equestrian career.

After detailing Zara’s equestrianism, which included her being voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2010 and becoming a member of the British Equestrian team for the 2012 London Olympic Games, the conversation turned to Zara and Mike’s life together.

“In 2012, you married a legend,” Mike said, before being interrupted by his wife, saying: “Who said that? Didn’t we get married in 2011?”

The retired rugby player then squeezed his eyes shut in embarrassment and said: “Sorry, yes, we did… S***.” Zara, meanwhile, burst out laughing.

During the interview, the late Queen’s granddaughter opened up about experiencing feelings of guilt for returning to her sporting career after having children.

She admitted that she found it difficult to “get her body back” after giving birth. The couple share three children, Mia, Lena and Lucas Tindall.

After giving birth to Mia in 2014, Zara said she wanted to “get back” to riding and her horse, and spoke of needing to set goals for her career.

However, it was “hard getting your body back” after spending so many years as a sportsperson and then having her body “stretching and creating an amazing thing, but it’s completely different”.

“I found it hard letting yourself back to it, but mentally you feel guilty as a mother leaving your child to go and do something else.”