Mike Pompeo mocked for quoting himself to promote his new book

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been ridiculed for using his own gushing quotes to promote his new memoir.

“‘My new book reads like a thriller with stories from my heart’ - Mike Pompeo,” reads a blurb spotted on promotional materials for Mr Pompeo’s new book Never Give an Inch.

The blurb appeared in a booklet produced for the Iowa Republican Party’s annual legislative breakfast.

The photo was shared on Twitter by Democrats Rapid Response director Ammar Moussa, who commented: “Really embarrassing Mike Pompeo couldn’t find ANYONE else to praise his book.”

The photo prompted a series of responses on Twitter as commentators and authors weighed in with their own mocking attempts at self-congratulations.

Author and journalist Wajahat Ali wrote: “Wajahat Ali's memoir GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM... is a towering work of genius. His nimble pen was finely crafted from the most generous muse who bestowed upon him wit, brilliance & potent masculinity. I wish I were him.’ - Wajahat Ali”.

Pod Save America co-host Tommy Vietor joined in the fun, posting: “‘Vietor's tweet is mordantly funny, demonstrates impeccable timing and is irresistibly readable...’ -- Tommy Vietor.”

Another commenter posted a picture of Barack Obama appearing to award himself the Presidential Medal of Honor.

“Of the chuds who think they might be president one day, Mike Pompeo is the most laughable,” wrote New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie wrote on Twitter.

“I’d give Mike Pence better chances, and the Republican base tried to hang that dude!”

Mr Pompeo was a loyal member of Donald Trump’s cabinet, first as CIA Director from 2017 before being appointed Secretary of State the next year.

He is widely thought to be eyeing a run for the presidency in 2024, and has done little to dispel the persistent rumours.

Last month, Mr Pompeo criticised the Biden administration for its deal to swap Brittney Griner for Russian arms trafficker Viktor Bout, telling Fox News the deal “creates the wrong incentives for bad guys”.

Never Give An Inch is published by Barnes & Noble and will be released on 24 January.

According to a blurb on the publisher’s website, Mr Pompeo’s book blends “remarkable and often humorous stories of his interactions with world leaders and (his) unmatched analysis of geopolitics.”