Mike Moon, Netflix Director of Adult Animation, to Depart

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Netflix’s director of adult animation, Mike Moon, is departing the streamer at the end of the month after four and a half years to pursue other opportunities.

Netflix had no statement on the matter.

Moon joined Netflix more than four and a half years ago to build and lead Netflix’s Adult Animation team. The animation veteran previously worked across animated Film and Series at Sony Pictures Animation, Disney Television Animation and Cartoon Network.

The exec expanded on the success of such titles as “BoJack Horseman,” “F is for Family” and “Big Mouth,” through offerings like the cult favorite “Inside Job” from Shion Takeuchi (“Gravity Falls,” “Regular Show”), the “Big Mouth” spinoff “Human Resources” from production house Brutus Pink and “The Midnight Gospel” from Pen Ward and Duncan Trussel.

Moon was instrumental in organizing overall deals with “Big Mouth’s” creative team Brutus Pink; Takeuchi; animator, writer and voice actor Alex Hirsch and production studio Titmouse (“Beavis and Butt-Head,” “The Boys: Diabolical”). He also oversaw Vine Studios, Netflix’s animated series production facility, from bolstering its staff to its successful build-out and design.

Next on the Netflix adult animation slate is the upcoming series “Entergalactic” from Kenya Barris and Kid Cudi, “Agent King” from Priscilla Presley and John Eddie (about Elvis Presley joining an undercover government spy program) and “Exploding Kittens” from Mike Judge and Greg Daniels (based on the card game franchise of the same name). On the adult animated film side, Netflix just announced an adaptation of “The Goon” comics.

The departure is unrelated to Netflix’s struggles in the Kids & Family Animation department, which included executive firings (such as that of Director of Creative Leadership and Development for Original Animation Phil Rynda and several of his staff), unceremonious cancellations and accusations of “staged data.”

Deadline first reported the news.

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