Mike McCarthy used 'Monkey Butt' anti-chafing powder to motivate Cowboys for Falcons win

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Credit for the Dallas Cowboys’ blowout win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday goes largely to “Monkey Butt.”

It was the anti-chafing powder — yes, seriously — that kicked coach Mike McCarthy's team into gear following their loss last week to the Denver Broncos.

“This past week coming off that ugly performance against Denver, McCarthy dubbed it R.A.W., meaning ‘Red-Ass Week,’ the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero said on Monday. “In other words, get mad. Take it personally, and then get out on the field and take it out on the Falcons.”

Unusual analogy aside, McCarthy’s latest motivational tactic clearly worked. The Cowboys rolled to a dominant 43-3 win over the Falcons and are now 7-2 on the season for the first time in five years. Quarterback Dak Prescott threw for 296 yards and a pair of touchdowns to CeeDee Lamb, while running another one in himself, and Ezekiel Elliott had a pair of touchdown runs en route to the 40-point win.

If the Cowboys were chafing after their 30-16 loss to the Broncos the week before, it seems McCarthy’s gift did the trick.

“If you’re sore from, I don’t know, getting your butt kicked like they did last week? Get yourself some Monkey Butt,” Pelissero said.

At least this time McCarthy’s gimmick could be legitimately beneficial — instead of when he had the team smash watermelons with a sledgehammer last season. After a win like that, though, it’s hard to hate on the “Monkey Butt” strategy. Whatever works, right?

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