Migrants enter the U.S. through Mexico despite curbs

STORY: In the streets of El Paso, Texas, groups of migrants gather in shelters or on the streets hoping to reach their final destinations in the United States.

Venezuelan migrant Luis Campos told Reuters while he was in El Paso on Wednesday (December 28) many of his compatriots had to sell their homes to go to the U.S., and that if they were returned by the authorities, they would have nowhere to go.

“In our case, we got in through the wall. It’s hard for us to travel, we’re even scared to be in the streets buying or finding a way to get money to continue and reach our destination,” said Salvadoran migrant Alexandra.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday (December 27) left in place the policy known as Title 42, under which the U.S. typically can only expel migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Venezuela to Mexico.

The court said it would hear arguments on whether the states could intervene to defend Title 42 in its February session.