Migrants camped in Belarus wait for another chance

In their makeshift accommodation in a Belarus warehouse, migrants are still clinging to hope of a future in western Europe as the year draws to a close.

The nearly 600 migrants from across the Middle East, are among thousands who flew to Belarus this year and tried to cross the border into Poland.

The EU says Belarus encouraged them to come and then pushed them towards the border in a deliberate attempt to destabilise its eastern frontier.

Belarus denies orchestrating the crisis.

Many small children are among the hundreds crammed into the warehouse.

Mohamed Refaad, with the International Organization for Migration, says extra help is needed in the freezing conditions.

"There are still areas where migrants need more support. Mainly food continues, we can see that temperatures are going down more and more. We can see around us a lot of children who need some support with education and definitely a shelter. So we are working to increase efforts to supply all these needs."

IOM staff are now working to register people willing to go back. But some are reluctant to do so, having spent thousands of dollars to get this far.

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