Migrants arrive in UK as it prepares Rwanda flights

STORY: The arrivals come as Britain prepares to send the first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda later on Tuesday.

Britain has struck a $148 million deal with Rwanda to send some migrants, who had arrived illegally by crossing the Channel in small boats from Europe, to live in the landlocked African country.

The plan has horrified political opponents, charities and religious leaders who say it is inhumane.

The United Nations' refugee chief called it "catastrophic," the entire leadership of the Church of England denounced it as an "immoral policy that shames Britain," and media reports have said Prince Charles has privately described the plan as "appalling."

The government says the deportation strategy is needed to stem the flow of migrants risking their lives in Channel crossings and smash the people-smuggling networks.

Britain's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the first flight can go ahead, after judges dismissed campaigners' attempts to win an injunction to stop it.