'This might be my last video': A Gazan journalist reports on the humanitarian crisis

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Since October 7, Gazan journalist Madhat Hajjaj has sent us dozens of eyewitness reports as the Israeli bombing continues. In a video sent to the Observateurs editorial team on November 6 from the Al-Shifa Hospital, he said that "people are fighting for a sip of water" after a night of unprecedented bombardment. The Palestinian Authority has accused the Israeli army of targeting hospitals, bakeries, generators and water tanks.

November 5 saw one of the heaviest nights of shelling seen in the Gaza Strip since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out on October 7. Our Observer, Gazan journalist Madhat Hajjaj, has been reporting from the enclave since the first days of the war.

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'I can't stand it any more'

Still separated from his family in northern Gaza, Hajjaj continues to report on the humanitarian crisis.

Of course, no one is able to help the wounded, or remove the dead. Even the ambulances couldn't do anything because there was no communication. Anyone who moved was targeted. I thank God that I'm still alive. This might be my last video after all this bombing and destruction.

Food and water have become so hard to come by. People are fighting for a sip of water or a small bottle of water. They only eat one meal a day, biscuits or whatever's left. Many people have no choice but to fast.

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