Middle-Aged Parent Angry at Their Kids for Continually Buying Them Tech Gifts: 'Sick of Relearning Technology'

Even though the parent liked their old-school TV, the kids bought them "the world's most frustrating smart TV"

<p>Getty</p> Man staring at tablet in disbelief


Man staring at tablet in disbelief

A parent in their 50s is taking to the internet to criticize their children for continuing to buy tech devices as gifts — despite the parent's requests not to.

"I am in my 50s and I am sick of getting technology for gifts," the parent writes in a post on Reddit. "My kids are all into tech, they always buy the newest stuff and for years I have been trying to get it through their heads I don’t want it."

As the OP (original poster) writes, they aren't interested in "relearning technology" and get enough interaction with tech during their day-to-day.

"I work on the computer for work 8 hours a day and when I get home I don’t want to mess around with tech to make it work," they write. "Sometimes I also don’t want to be staring at a screen in my downtime."

The parent continues, "My biggest pet peeve about this was them getting me something and then get annoyed if I ask for help setting stuff up."

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<p>Getty</p> Stock image of male at computer


Stock image of male at computer

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Despite asking their kids not to buy any tech devices for birthday or Christmas gifts, they keep unwrapping tech-focused gifts.

"I used to have a bunny tv and I don’t use cable or streaming platforms," the parent writes. "The tv worked fine and I was thinking of getting a Roku. They knew I wanted a Roku."

But the kids didn't buy their parent a Roku. Instead, OP writes, "They got me the worlds most frustrating smart tv."

"Half the time it won’t connect to the free tv networks. I hate that tv, and it is in my basement. It’s a Samsungs smart tv," they add.

The poster writes that they "have made it so clear I don’t want tech," yet the gifts keep coming.

"Christmas they got me new Bluetooth headphones. I couldn’t get them to pair, it took my [daughter-in-law] an hour to make it work. Whole time everyone is pissed I asked for help," the parent writes in the Reddit post.

After asking for a book or a gift card for their birthday, the parent was instead presented with a digital tablet.

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of person holding two remote controls.


Stock image of person holding two remote controls.

"I don’t want to read books on a damn screen," they write.

The tablet, the poster adds, was a "breaking point."

"I gave it back and told them I don’t want it. This started an argument with them," OP adds.

The poster's son, they add, even "called me a jerk for being ungrateful."

Commenters have offered their take on the situation, largely siding with OP over their kids.

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"I get that tech can be awesome but you have repeatedly asked to not receive these types of gifts. The whole point of a gift, is to give that person something they want or need," wrote one commenter. "They have deliberately ignored these requests and then get angry with you when you ask for help in using these gifts. Your kids are being selfish and rude to continue buying things you don't want, or want to help you with."

Wrote another, "Your kids need to understand that this makes you uncomfortable and back off."

Another suggested giving the kids a taste of their own medicine, advising the OP to "start returning the gifts. start buying them things they don't like petty but might get the point across."

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