Shoppers are flipping their lids over these $3 silicone covers — they seal on any container!

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Microwave covers
These lids go from microwave to freezer to stove! (Photo: Amazon)

When it comes to meal prepping, every minute you can save is a downright windfall. With that in mind: If you're making due without a smart set of silicone lids, you're working harder than you have to. We know that cooking ahead means plenty of microwave activity later — and with that comes some degree of microwave mess. Unless, of course, you have the right microwave-safe covers. If you don't have ’em, no worries — we do.

Elegant Live's Heat-Resistant Microwave Covers, which come in a set of five, have gobs of fans on Amazon. Each size is a different color, so it's easy to grab the one you need at any given time. And they're inexpensive too — just $15 for the set (aka $3 apiece). Of course, Amazon Prime members get free shipping. If you haven't enrolled yet, you can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

$14 $15 at Amazon

Bowls and plates with microwave covers atop.
Never again hunt for a matching lid. These nimble covers seal on any container. (Photo: Amazon)

The set includes five different BPA-free silicone lids: 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch, so you're covered (literally!) for any bowl, plate, pan or pot.

These durable dishwasher-safe lids can also easily handle extreme cold (up to –40°), so use them in the freezer or fridge, and save on foil or plastic wrap. Each lid sits well on a variety of containers, eliminating the stress of searching for matching Tupperware tops and bottoms. You can even use them in the regular oven — they're safe in temps up to 500 degrees.

With more than 3,500 five-star reviews, these lids have a pretty substantial fan club. "I love these covers!" one happy customer wrote. "I can cover all my glass/ceramic containers, pop them in the micro or oven, with no messy plastic or foil to remove. They go in the dishwasher, and come out clean, without any residue or smells."

"Thank goodness for these lids!" shared this experienced food preserver. "They fit over all of my old Tupperware and keep my food fresh in the fridge. Round, square, rectangle, as long as the lid fits over the entire Tupperware, it seals it perfectly. I even use these lids to cover my regular bowls and seal them when I want to save food for the next day, instead of transferring it to Tupperware. Saves me time, money and extra dishes to wash."

This reviewer gushed: "I love these lids! They do the job with little or no fuss. After use, I pop them in the dishwasher, and they come out just fine, even with heated drying. Making oatmeal, reheating my cup of tea, soups, leftovers, frozen dishes. I use the two smallest ones the most. These lids work on everything. Even when they don’t suction down, they prevent splatters and my microwave stays clean! I particularly like the little tab for releasing steam. No more steam burns!"

"So long, splatter, hello clean stovetop," said another pleased-as-punch prepper. "There's a convenient hole on each lid that, when positioned properly, allows steam to escape. It's absolutely amazing."

$14 $15 at Amazon

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