Microsoft has pulled a miracle: its Surface Copilot PCs are now the most repairable in the market

 Microsoft presenting Surface Laptop and Surface Pro devices.
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 7 Copilot+ PCs are finally launching, and, as it turns out, they are some of the most repairable laptops on the market.

According to a new breakdown of the laptops thanks to iFixit, they praised how easily technicians can service them. Shahram Mokhtari from the official YouTube channel walks through the process of detaching each component, including the motherboard, to demonstrate how straightforward it is to remove and repair them.

Under the case of each device are several labels and QR codes that feature a wrench symbol above them. Microsoft calls the labels ‘Wayfinder Markings,’ and they inform you how what kind of screws you need and how many of them to secure components in that area. Meanwhile, the QR codes bring you to Microsoft’s official service guides page for easy instructions.

Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Pro devices on a table.
Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Pro devices on a table.

The ease of parts removal has been greatly improved, which is especially a boon for laptops. For instance, batteries in the Surface Laptop can now be removed by simply removing the bottom feet and back cover, compared to older models that required nearly every other component to be taken out first. This was especially egregious when the battery was the only serviceable part of the laptop. SSD cards are also simple to take out. Unfortunately, memory is soldered to the motherboard, making it difficult for the average user to detach and replace.

The Surface Pro is just as easy to work on, with the SSD replaceable without disassembly, and removing the display is much simpler than other tablets. However, due to the adhesive securing the screen, replacing other components like the battery can be a bit more challenging.

The Surface Pro and Surface Laptop each receive a repairability score of 8 out of 10, a massive improvement compared to Microsoft’s disastrous scoring back in 2017, when iFixit gave the original Surface Laptop a zero out of ten score for repairability. It seems that after that, Microsoft was determined to turn over a new leaf, even partnering with iFixit in 2021 to start selling Surface repair tools.

Meanwhile, MacBooks and Chromebooks are among the worst laptops for repairability, according to a report called Failing the Fix, which was compiled by the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), a consumer advocacy organization in the U.S. Sounds like Apple and Google should be taking a page from Microsoft’s book and overhaul their own PCs to be far more user friendly.

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