Microsoft leak reveals what Phil Spencer really thinks of the PS5: "We have a better product than Sony does, not just on hardware"

 Phil Spencer.
Phil Spencer.

The Xbox FTC leak has revealed redacted documents that suggest Phil Spencer was feeling pretty good about the Xbox Series X's chances against the PS5.

Yesterday, court documents revealed what Microsoft execs thought about the PS5 after its reveal in 2020. Today, further information leaked Phil Spencer's reaction, as detailed in an email to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood. Spencer starts off by discussing the "price and performance (and messaging) disadvantage" that the Xbox One had compared to the PS4 - Microsoft has previously acknowledged that it "lost the console wars" thanks to poor performance in recent generations.

In the wake of Sony's reveal, however, Spencer said that he was "proud of our team. We have a better product than Sony does, not just on hardware but equally important on the software platform and services on top of the hardware. We have the ingredients of a winning plan."

Spencer acknowledges that the PS5 reveal was just the start of the new generation, and that "we haven't won anything." He reiterates, however, that "this was a good day for Xbox" - somewhat paradoxically, given one would imagine that Sony would be feeling pretty good after the announcement of its new console's capabilities.

Last night's leak has revealed several of the plans that Xbox is likely hoping will push it ahead of PlayStation throughout the rest of this generation. That includes a new Xbox Series X refresh, codenamed 'Brooklin' and due to release next year, and evidence of a Fallout 3 and Oblivion remaster. Elsewhere, there are discussion of Xbox's desire to acquire massive companies like Nintendo and Valve, although Spencer himself admits that that might be a bit of a pipe dream.

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