Microsoft launches new Xbox amid gaming boom

Microsoft has launched its next-generation Xbox games consoles.

The Series X will sell for about 500 dollars, while the less powerful Series S will go for around 300.

Microsoft says the two versions give consumers greater choice, though some critics have called the cheaper model underpowered.

Regardless, the tech giant says it has seen record preorders for the new machines.

Initial supplies sold out fast, with analysts citing supply chain issues at Chinese factories related to this year’s health crisis.

Microsoft has said it would have more stock available on launch day.

And timing of the debut looks fortuitous, with gaming enjoying a global boom amid demand from consumers stuck at home.

Some though wonder if Microsoft is short on killer games to go with the new consoles.

The latest version of its flagship ‘Halo’ series has been pushed back to next year, also due to health-related delays.

And the company won’t have the next-generation field to itself for long.

On Thursday (November 12) Sony will launch its new model, the PlayStation 5.

The Japanese firm is widely seen as leading the console race, thanks to its bigger fan base and a wider range of exclusive gaming titles available at launch.