Michigan Police Investigate Scenes of 'Destruction' in Wake of College Football Game

Police in East Lansing, Michigan, have turned to the public for information after “the destruction of property” after the Saturday, October 30, football game between local rivals Michigan State and the University of Michigan.

The East Lansing Police Department released video of a car being flipped that was circulating on social media in an attempt, they said, to identify suspects. Other images released by them showed fires being set and property damaged.

Police said the East Lansing Fire Department responded to 57 calls for service around the game, “involving fires throughout the city”. Police said they responded to 349 calls for service, “many of those calls assisting ELFD with crowd control while they were attempting to extinguish the fires.”

Police said the behavior was “not acceptable” and that the released images were “just a small example of what is currently being reviewed.”

Michigan State won the game, 37-33. Credit: East Lansing Police Department via Storyful

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