Michael Pittman Jr.

Fearless Forecast: 1248 TOTAL YDS, 92 REC, 8 TD
Projected Rank: 14

Video transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I will not be the only fantasy analyst who tells you to go get Michael Pittman this year. All the arrows pointing upward. Year three, he was really good last year. Carson Wentz is gone. Matt Ryan is in. That's an upgrade. And the Chiefs have a pretty narrow distribution in the passing game. They have pretty ordinary talent. The receiver position after Pittman he's going to get all the targets he can handle.

Love the quarterback upgrade. He's only wide receiver 14 on my board right now. But I may draft him as early as the 10th or 11th receiver off the board. I'm going to consider bumping Pittman up a half tier. Yes, he's trending. Yes, there's helium. Yes, it's a crowded bandwagon. But I think you want to see for Michael Pittman in 2022.

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