Michael Jordan's trainers to be auctioned off

STORY: Want to walk in Michael Jordan's shoes?

Location: New York

Sneakers belonging to the U.S. basketball star

are being auctioned by Christie's in June

[Caitlin Donovan, Christie's New York]

"So in 1985, when this whole Michael Jordan, Jordan journey began, this was the first pair. This is the Jordan One's, you know, this is where it all began. So this is kind of like the father of the sneaker collecting world and community. This pair being in perfect condition and being an original pair. You know, these three are different iterations of Jordans over the years, all being important in their own way."

Trading cards from Jordan's career are also up for sale

One of them is expected to fetch $2-3 million

"What's amazing about this card is it's really kind of the unicorn of the card collecting community. It's a original Fleer rookie card of Michael Jordan, from '85-'86 [season]. "

The auction will run for two weeks from June 1

with the items expecting to make a total of $4 million