Michael Hansen says he and Sharifah Sakinah are still friends

28 Oct – Fitness trainer Michael Hansen recently echoed Sharifah Sakinah's words about their separation, citing conflicting commitments as one of the reasons for their decision.

Hansen, who spoke to Harian Metro recently following the actress's previous announcement, said that the two of them have their own commitments and responsibilities in their respective countries that made it difficult for them to maintain their marriage.

"Sakinah has [her daughter] Anais and a great career in Malaysia, while I have two children and a job in Sweden. It was hard for us to go anywhere together," he said.

Hansen said that he and Sakinah made a mutual decision to part ways after much discussion, and believed that this is the best thing for the both of them.

"We can now focus on the important things, that's our children and our family. But we still remain good friends and everything is fine between us," he said, singing praises for the actress for her charisma and kindness.

As to whether there is a chance for them to rekindle their romance, Hansen said that the future is unknown.

"But I hope that the future will bring good for all of us, God willing."

It was last week that Sakinah, who announced her marriage to Hansen back in February, admitted that they have parted ways, saying, "We have different opinions, belief systems, perspective and ideology, that's why we can't be partners anymore. The end."

Sakinah and her husband are no longer together
Sakinah and her husband are no longer together

(Photo Source: Sharifah Sakinah Instagram)