Michael Chandler happy to give Conor McGregor ‘illusion of dominance’ ahead of UFC clash

Michael Chandler (left) with Conor McGregor (right) on the set of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ (@MikeChandlerMMA)

Michael Chandler has said he is content with giving Conor McGregor ‘the illusion of dominance’ ahead of their UFC fight later this year.

Chandler and McGregor are currently filming the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality television show on which they are coaching two opposing teams of contestants. The pair will then fight one another at an as-yet-unknown date.

Reflecting on the first week of filming, Chandler tweeted on Friday (24 February): “#tuf31 is so much more work than I anticipated. Emotional rollercoaster. I am so much more invested in every one of these athlete’s futures than I ever could have planned for.

“At the end of week one, I admit I haven’t made perfect choices every step of the way, but one thing is certain… they know I am in their corner and I would move heaven & earth to put them in the best position possible to be the best version of themselves on fight night.

“I love my team. They feel it. I feel it. We are working diligently to put gameplans in place and accruing skills to get their hands raised on fight night. #teamchandler is looking and FEELING strong, I am proud of what we are building.”

The 36-year-old American then shared a photo of himself and McGregor, 34, on the set of The Ultimate Fighter, along with the caption: “Go ahead, you walk out the octagon first, the illusion of dominance is right where I want you to be.”

On Thursday, McGregor spoke to The Mac Life on the set of the show and said: “I like Michael, I had a good little buzz with him yesterday. I have no issues with him at all. I think he’s a good fighter.”

The Irishman, who also called Chandler “a nice guy”, added: “I think I’m just gonna slice through him. I think I’m a little too slicey for him than anyone else he’s fought – a little too snappy and whippy. I think I’ll slice through him.”

Earlier this week, McGregor denied a claim that he had replaced contestants on his team with his ‘own guys’.

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