Mia Sara is doing better after panic attacks

22 Nov – Mia Sara's father Muhammad Ridhuan recently revealed that the former child actress is in a serious condition, but "not too worrisome", soon after it was revealed that the actress had been rushed to the hospital for panic attacks.

Ridhuan, who spoke to the media following the hospitalisation, stated that his daughter was experiencing discomfort in her chest and breathing troubles.

"After being monitored by the doctors for eight hours, Mia was allowed to leave. The doctor gave her some medication to calm herself down due to her rapid heartbeats," he said.

However, he assured that Mia's condition is getting better and that she is now resting at home.

As to why the 17-year-old actress had a panic attack, Ridhuan stated that it was related to "teenage lifestyle".

"She experienced a lot of stress with her personal life. I can't share much. But now that this has happened, I have to be more concerned and observe her," he added.

Mia with dad Ridhuan
Mia with dad Ridhuan

(Photo Source: Mia Sara IG)