MHA stays notice sent to six persons of Pak Hindu family in Rajasthan

New Delhi [India], Nov 23 (ANI): The Union Home Ministry has put a stay on the notice sent to six persons of a family in Jodhpur asking them to leave the country, sources said.

The Hindu family of 19 members had come to India from Pakistan a few years back. The local intelligence wing had asked six members of the family to go back to Pakistan.

It was reported on Friday that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Rajasthan Police has issued a notice that six people of a Hindu family, who came here on a visa from Pakistan, should be sent back.

The family living in a village in Rahamiyar district, Pakistan, reached Jodhpur after facing religious, physical and mental torture in the country six years ago.

CID-Jodhpur, citing the Home Ministry order, had ordered the family to immediately leave India for violating visa rules.

The women of the family had warned that they will die but will not let their family members go back to Pakistan. (ANI)