Meyers Wonders If Biden Is ‘Just Pretending to Be Old and Confused’ After 2 Years of Political Wins: ‘Basically President Doubtfire’ (Video)

While Republicans continue to fight amongst themselves over who should be the next Speaker of the House, with no intervention from the president planned, Seth Meyers thinks Joe Biden might actually “secretly be a political mastermind.” On Thursday’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the host dubbed him “President Doubtfire” in a nod to the Robin Williams film “Mrs. Doubtfire,” in which Williams disguised himself as a nanny and fooled his own family.

Over the course of the week, Republican Kevin McCarthy has faced 11 votes to become Speaker of the House, which Republicans took majority control over after the midterm elections with razor-thin margins. He has lost every single vote. Far-right members of the party are standing against him, refusing to concede their votes to put him over the threshold needed.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden visited Cincinnati this week, and was photographed enjoying some cobbler at a local restaurant. And that thoroughly amused Seth Meyers. The late night host joked that the “only way that could’ve been any more fun for Biden” was if the president was enjoying his dessert on the House floor, watching Republicans argue.

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“In reality, Biden has somehow spent two years scoring one political win after another, and bucking historical trends while Republicans just eat each other alive,” Meyers said. “Joe Biden might secretly be a political mastermind who’s just pretending to be old and confused.”

The host then likened Biden to one of Williams’ most famous characters.

“He’s basically President Doubtfire, because while Biden’s chowin’ down on cobbler, Republicans are meltin’ down before our eyes and proving to the nation they just can’t be trusted to govern,” Meyers mocked.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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