Meyers Says DeSantis Created the Word ‘Woke-ocracy’ to Tongue-Tie Trump in a Debate: ‘Saying That Gives You Strep’ (Video)

During a campaign appearance in Iowa on Friday, Ron DeSantis coined a new phrase: “woke-ocracy.” And Seth Meyers is pretty sure he only did that to trip up twice-impeached former president Donald Trump in any future debates they might have.

The term came during the Florida governor’s speech in Davenport, where he once again returned to his latest favorite talking point, and complained that “woke ideology has infected so many institutions.” He encouraged audience members that “You can’t just say ‘Let it go,’ because then we’re gonna be living under an oppressive woke-ocracy.”

“Well that just rolls right off the tongue,” Meyers mocked on Wednesday night. “Woke-ocracy. Pretty sure saying that gives you strep throat.”

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But, like we mentioned, Meyers is pretty certain that there was a strategic ulterior motive to DeSantis’ new verbiage.

“The only way this makes sense is if it’s a ploy by DeSantis to come up with a new word that’s such a mouthful, Donald Trump can’t pronounce it and then melts down in a debate,” Meyers said, immediately acting out how that meltdown would go.

“You know, Ron, he likes to talk about the woke-a-croky. I mean the waka-crazy,” Meyers imitated. “I mean the waka-coca-racy-shock — look folks, we’re living in Wakanda. We have to admit it. We’re living in Wakanda and if we’re not careful, it’s gonna be Wakanda forever.”

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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