Meyers Dreads the Day the House Answers to ‘Crazies’ Like Marjorie Taylor Greene: McCarthy’s Majority Is ’Such a S–show’ (Video)

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers says California Congressman and soon-to-be House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is likely to have “a s–show” on his hands if Republicans take their predicted majority control of the House.

Not only is his majority over Democrats so slim that passing legislation along party lines will be all but impossible – he’s also going to have to answer to “crazies” like Marjorie Taylor Greene to maintain conservative authority.

“He may not be able to pass much of any legislation with such a slim majority, but House Republicans will gain subpoena power, along with the ability to run committees and conduct investigations,” Meyers explained. “In fact, they’ve already announced their intentions to conduct nonsense investigations into stuff like Hunter Biden’s laptop, cartoon character lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene might even have the power to conduct oversight over the Biden administration, which Greene has repeatedly said she would do aggressively.”

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“This is why McCarthy’s majority is likely to be such a s—show,” Meyers continued. “He has to answer to crazies like Greene, who in turn answer to Trump, in order to wield power, because he has such a slim majority. At any moment, a few rogue Republicans could threaten to take him down by withholding their votes if they don’t get what they want. You can’t function in a job like that.”

The bright side to Republicans gaining their majority in the House, Meyers said, is that former president Donald Trump’s “handpicked slate of election-denier candidates performed horribly” in the midterms, which should realistically lead to a more tempered party.

“Voters thoroughly rejected Trumpism and the MAGA movement and made clear they want a competent government that will preserve American democracy,” the host added.

What this means for politicians like Greene remains to be seen.

Watch Meyers’ full “Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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