Mexico marks 45 years since lunar goddess discovery

STORY: Take a peek into Mexico's past at this celebration of a major discovery

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

45 years ago, electrical workers uncovered a pre-Hispanic statue

The monolith shows Coyolxauhqui, a Mexica lunar goddess

It's one of 158 archaeological pieces in the exhibition

Date: March 1, 2023

[Patricia Ledezma, Director, Templo Mayor Museum]

“On this occasion, the Templo Mayor is organizing a celebration to mark the 45 years since the discovery of Coyolxauhqui, kicking off this ambitious archaeological project with so many relevant results for the history of our pre-Hispanic past. On the other hand, we wanted to get into what this lunar goddess entailed.”

The finding was a milestone in the history of Mexican archaeology

as it shed light on Aztec culture before the 1521 Spanish conquest of Mexico