Mexico City honors LGBT hate crime victims

The altar is called 'Phobias That Kill: The Colours That Hurt' and features colourful skulls painted in Mexican colours as well as an elaborate arrangement of bright marigolds, the traditional flower of the Day of the Dead.

The altar comes amid stark statistics in Mexico on violence against the LGBT community.

In 2019, 117 lesbian, gay, bi and trans people were killed in Mexico, up almost a third compared with 2018 and the highest number since 2015, according to LGBT advocacy group Letra S.

More than half the victims were transgender women, while nearly a third were gay men.

LGBT rights have grown stronger in Mexico, with discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation outlawed since 2003.

Altars are a central part of Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico City, as a way to remember those who came before us.

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