Mexican town dedicates Labor Day to hard-working donkeys

STORY: In the 16th-century rural town in the state of Mexico, donkeys are kings for a day as residents and visitors celebrate their "burros".

Thousands of families turned out for the traditional Donkey Day to attend donkey races, polo matches, and a costume competition.

Spectators fawned over dozens of donkeys dressed from head to hoof in a wide variety of costumes such as Mexican television characters.

Farmer Agustin Franco who participated with his donkey in the costume competition is thankful for the hard work of his donkey.

“He (the donkey) is good and holy for me because he helps me a lot. I don’t have to pay him. We don’t have enough (to buy )a car or a vehicle to come around," he said.

The origins of Mexico's Donkey Festival are said to be traced back some sixty years ago, when Otumba residents who relied heavily on donkeys decided they deserved their own day of honor.

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