Mexican teen develops app to help deaf sister

This Mexican teen is developing an app

to help her deaf sister communicate

Location: Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico

Estrella Salazar's app, called 'Hands with Voice'

connects Mexican Sign Language speakers with hearing users

allowing people to shift from sign language to text or voice, and vice versa

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) 17-YEAR-OLD SCIENCE PRODIGY, ESTRELLA SALAZAR, SAYING:"The interest arose from my 25-year-old sister who suffers from deep and severe hearing loss. I was inspired by the discrimination towards her, the looks and comments from classmates, neighbors, teachers and relatives. That is what inspired me to ask, 'What am I doing to help my sister?'"

Salazar hopes to launch her app in 2022

The 17-year-old graduated three years early from high school

and now studies biotechnology engineering at university

She also gives science classes near her home

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) 17-YEAR-OLD SCIENCE PRODIGY, ESTRELLA SALAZAR, SAYING:"It's about time we change our way of thinking. It's time to rewire people and create a culture where, in the future, there will be lots of children working on scientific and technological projects like some already are."

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