Mexican police use guns at feminist protest

Chaos on the streets of Mexico as a feminist protest was punctuated by the sound of police gunfire - something the United Nations now wants investigated.

They are urging for a probe into what the Mexican arm of the UN's human rights office called "excessive use of force."

On Monday night (November 9), the sound of semi-automatic gunfire rang out - sending demonstrators running for cover.

It was not immediately clear if the gunshots were live fire, rubber bullets or blanks.

Groups were there to protest the death of a young woman - 20-year-old Bianca "Alexis" Lorenzana.

Her body was found mutilated in Cancun over the weekend with what the media called "clear traces of violence."

Cancun police declined to comment on the use of guns at the protest.

At least two reporters were wounded - but Mexico's Human Rights Commission did not specify whether their injuries were related to the gunshots.

The commission called for a "prompt" investigation, and urged the government not to allow the use of live rounds by police at protests.

The interior ministry has also urged for a probe into what they called "repression and armed aggression."

So far, Cancun's police chief has been sacked, and the chief of Quintana Roo state police has been asked to resign and accepted, according to the state governor.

A protest movement in Mexico demanding more action in Lorenzana's murder has been gaining momentum in recent months.

Demonstrators have taken over buildings and on occasion, clashed with police.