Mexican mariachi bands honor musicians' patron

STORY: The musical procession headed to the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City to honor the saint, whose statue was adorned with colorful flowers and carried through the streets by mariachi band players.

Fausto Villagran, a mariachi, said he assisted the celebration in gratitude for recovering from COVID-19. Catalina Sanchez Ortiz, another mariachi player interviewed by Reuters, said she attended the event to request good health and more work after the pandemic hit the mariachi industry.

The event ended with a mass at Guadalupe Basilic, where mariachis sang and played their music.

Mariachis originated in the 19th century in the western state of Jalisco, where they performed at festivals and weddings. Their instruments include guitars, violins, and harps, but many modern-day mariachi groups have eliminated the harp in favor of the trumpet.

Today, mariachis don't only perform at weddings but also at any occasion that's worth celebrating.