Meteor Blazes Across Sky in Southern US as SpaceX Rocket Passes by

Stargazers in southern Virginia witnessed a meteor flashing across the night sky on November 10, stealing the thunder of a SpaceX rocket launch.

NASA Meteor Watch confirmed reports of the meteor sighting on Wednesday evening, seen minutes after the liftoff of the Crew-3 Falcon 9 rocket, which launched a crew of four astronauts from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the International Space Station. The “bright fireball” moved northwest at 33,000 miles per hour and survived only 3.5 seconds before disintegrating 28 miles above Macclesfield, North Carolina.

This footage, shared by Shaun Draughn, was filmed from a security camera outside the Sycamore Baptist Church in Stuart, Virginia.

The SpaceX rocket can be seen traveling above the mountains in the top left section of the video. Credit: Shaun Draughn via Storyful

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