Metal Gear Solid Snake actor reveals how they ended up doing a Ford advert in character

 Metal Gear Solid Ford Focus SE advert
Metal Gear Solid Ford Focus SE advert

Snake's voice actor has revealed the story behind that Metal Gear Solid-inspired Ford Focus SE advert.

Back in 2016, David Hayter (who has played Solid Snake since 1998) worked with Ford to advertise the company's new car, the Ford Focus SE. The advert features Snake talking to Colonel Campbell about the car and its exciting features. Now, six years later, the advert has reemerged online and we now have more context on how it came about.

Thanks to a tweet from retro gaming site Time Extention, we've not only been reminded of the advert but also got some valuable inside information from Solid Snake himself. Replying to Time Extention's tweet, David Hayter explained: "Here's the story, I did a commercial for Ford as a [voice-over] actor, and the Producers were big Snake fans."

The story continues: "So they said, 'hey, if we got permission from Konami to use Snake in an ad, would you do it?' 'Sure.' I said, certain it would never happen," Hayter explains, "then it did. Then I was stuck." Hayter isn't the only one to remember this voice-over job either, as the official Ford account replied to the actor with a simple: "A timeless briefing from Colonel Campbell!"

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Hayter isn't alone when it comes to reminiscing about Metal Gear Solid lately. A couple of weeks ago none other than Hideo Kojima looked back on Metal Gear Solid 3's development revealing that the events of 9/11 altered the game's close contact tactics, and that a mocap actor unintentionally took a beating whilst filming one of the games iconic fight scenes.

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