Meta reported to plan thousands more job cuts

STORY: Meta employees could face yet another round of layoffs.

Bloomberg says the social media giant will cut thousands of jobs as soon as this week.

It comes just months after the Facebook owner laid off 11,000 people.

The report said the new job cuts were driven by financial targets, and separate to last year's layoffs

Meta declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

Last month, the Washington Post reported Meta planned to cut jobs in a reorganization and downsizing effort.

Meta did not comment on that at the time.

But a spokesperson Tweeted previous statements by CEO Mark Zuckerberg that more cuts were coming.

Meta's mass layoff in November was among the largest of the whole year, and the first in company history.

It wasn't alone in the tech industry to make widescale firings.

Google-parent Alphabet, Microsoft and Twitter also cut thousands of jobs.