'What a Mess': Restaurant Owner Demonstrates Outdoor Dining During New York City Storm

A restaurant owner demonstrated the alfresco dining experience in New York City on December 16 as a severe storm hit the city days after hospitality venues were forced to close indoor dining due to coronavirus restrictions.

Rocco Sacramone, the owner of Trattoria L’incontro in the Queens neighborhood of Astoria shared footage on the restaurant’s Instagram account showing him sitting with staff at a table outside the restaurant. “This is our first snowstorm of the year here,” Sacramone says in the video. “I would like to thank New York City for this beautiful night here.”

“This is what outdoor dining looks like in my city,” Sacramone wrote on Instagram, calling the situation “a mess.” He said he had to reduce his staff from around 30 to 40 people to just five, adding that it’s “the reality of every restaurant in NYC.”

Gov Andrew Cuomo announced the closure of indoor dining from December 14 due to rising coronavirus cases and hospitalization rates, leaving many restaurants wondering how they would survive the winter, Gothamist reported. Credit: Trattoria L’incontro via Storyful