The Menu: Cinemagoers are rushing to do this one thing after watching new Anya Taylor-Joy thriller

Everyone who has seen The Menu is rushing to do one very specific thing after the credits roll.

The dark comedy thriller has proven itself to be a surprise box office hit since its release on 18 November.

The Menu stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult in a satirical horror directed by Mark Mylod, who has previously worked on episodes of Game of Thrones and Succession.

The film follows a young couple (Taylor-Joy and Hoult) who travel to a remote island for a meal at an exclusive restaurant run by head chef Julian Slowik (Fiennes). There, they are joined by numerous other extremely wealthy guests.

The Menu is perhaps best enjoyed knowing as little about the plot as possible – but those who have seen the film can all agree on one thing.


It is not long before it emerges that the diners are all doomed to die as part of a grand plan devised and executed by the restaurant’s chefs, led by Slowik.

Taylor-Joy’s Margot makes a break for it and ends up in Slowik’s living quarters where she finds newspaper clippings on the wall, which chronicle his rise to becoming one of the best, most acclaimed chefs of his generation.

Among these is an early clipping of Slowik as a young man working in what appears to be a classic, cheap burger joint.

In a huge contrast to his surly demeanour today, Slowik is seen grinning ear-to-ear.

Anya Taylor-Joy in sleeper hit ‘The Menu’ (Searchlight Pictures)
Anya Taylor-Joy in sleeper hit ‘The Menu’ (Searchlight Pictures)

When Margot returns to the restaurant, she manages to escape the grim proceedings by asking Slowik to make her a hamburger and fries, which he relishes in doing.

Slowik is visibly moved by the request, apparently reminded of the early days of his career back when cooking actually made him happy.

When Margot asks whether she can have the rest of her meal to take away, Slowik agrees and allows her to leave the restaurant unpursued.

The final shot of the film sees Margot, having escaped on a boat, eating the rest of her hamburger while watching the restaurant burst into flames from afar.

Viewers have applauded The Menu, which has received mostly favourable reviews from critics. You can read The Independent’s four-star review of the film here.

One thing many viewers can agree on is that the film really made them want to eat a hamburger.

“Getting a fat f***ing burger after seeing The Menu,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Another added: “The Menu is a truly great American movie in that it’s about how delicious a burger is.”

“After I had seen The Menu I went to go get a burger because ______” said a third viewer.

“Just saw The Menu and I’ve never wanted a burger more in my life,” wrote someone else, with another writing: “I Saw The Menu today! Afterwards I got a burger lol.”

“Went and saw The Menu… and now I want a murder burger real bad,” said someone else.

Another person wrote: “I want that burger from The Menu. It’s been on my mind.”

The Menu also stars Hong Chau, John Leguizamo, Janet McTeer, Reed Birney, Judith Light and Rob Yang.