Men Dive Into NYC Floodwaters to Clear Clogged Storm Drain

Two men were seen neck-deep in floodwaters as they attempted to unclog a storm drain in New York, New York, on July 18, amid a severe thunderstorm warning issued that day by the National Weather Service (NWS).

This video recorded by Danielle Werling shows the flooded intersection of 157th Street and Broadway as she and passengers in her car notice two people crouching deep in the water.

“Are they swimming?” one of them can be heard asking. The two men are later seen tossing debris from the water, throwing it into a nearby trash can.

“I was definitely shocked to see so much water. And that there were people in the water,” Werling told Storyful. “Those men in the video were trying to clear out the drain, which I thought was very brave of them.” Credit: Danielle Werling via Storyful

Video transcript

- Did it actually flood?


- Oh my gosh, look at the people. Oh [MUTED]. Oh my gosh, am I going to be able to do this?

- I don't know. Look, the train's flooded again.

- What?

- Oh [MUTED].

- Holy crap. Look at him. What is he doing?

- Are they swimming?

- Holy [MUTED], look. What the [MUTED].

- Why are they swimming?

- Oh, no, I think they're trying to unclog the drains.

- Haha, that man's swimming.


- Why are they--


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