Melissa McCarthy Has The Best Response To Barbra Streisand's Ozempic Comment

Just like any comedian who gottheir start in improv,Melissa McCarthy is taking the “yes and” approach when it comes to Barbra Streisand.

On Tuesday, the “Funny Girl” star posted a public statement that asserted that she “just wanted to pay [McCarthy] a compliment” when she asked the “Little Mermaid” star on Instagram if she was taking Ozempic — a type 2 diabetes drug that some use off-label for weight loss.

And it seems that the “Bridesmaids” star has decided to roll with the idea that this kind of question was indeed a compliment.

“The takeaway — Barbra Streisand knows I exist,” McCarthy said in a fun video posted to her Instagram account Wednesday in which she’s reading a magazine with Streisand’s face on the cover. “She reached out to me and she thought I looked good! I win the day!”

Not only was McCarthy’s response good-natured and funny, but it also put the bubbling conflict to rest.

On Monday, the “Yentl” star asked McCarthy on Instagram: “Did you take Ozempic?”

The random and seemingly rude question was posted in the comment section of McCarthy’s latest post. Streisand later deleted her comment, but the damage had already been done. Screenshots of Streisand’s bold question made their way onto other social media platforms.

Some users on X, formerly Twitter, were offended by the question — but most found humor in it. Most joked that Streisand had pulled a “boomer” or “auntie” movie by posting something meant for a private DM in a public forum without realizing it. Others found it amusing that the “The Way We Were” singer was “serving the Streisand Effect in real time” — a reference to a term the EGOT winner inspired that describes instances in which high-profile people unintentionally draw more attention to information they’d wanted to keep quiet when they try to wipe it from the public domain.

Streisand responded to the fiasco by posting a statement in an attempt to clarify her intentions.

“OMG,” she began her statement. “I went on Instagram to see the beautiful flowers I’d received for my birthday! Below them was a photo of my friend Melissa McCarthy that I sang with on my Encore album. She looked fantastic! I just wanted to pay her a compliment. I forgot the world was reading!”